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Spring into action!

After a winter of hunkering down in my cosy workshop, the recent mild weather is giving me hope that spring is round the corner. I love sea glass hunting, even in the depths of winter, but it will be so nice to be able to scour the sands without getting sand blasted! My usual haunts of Johnshaven and Stonehaven were hit badly by the winter storms. Both beaches were pounded by high tides driven by gales, and much of the shingle was buried by bigger rocks or displaced to footpaths and shore lines. Now though, the beaches have been restored. A busy Christmas season has left my jars depleted, so it's time to head out in search of that elusive treasure. I hope the weather with you is tempting you outdoors too. Although here in the North East we often get "lambing snow" so you're never sure when to declare that winter's finally over. Maybe see you on a beach soon. I'll be the one walking at a snail's pace doing the sea glass stoop!

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