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Meet the maker


I love scouring our stunning North East beaches for treasure. At a loss as to what to do with my growing mountain of gems, I began jewellery making. I've never stopped. It's such fun to pair the beautiful glass and pottery with recycled silver and copper. Sometimes a piece can sit on my bench for ages before inspiration strikes. I like to reflect
the organic nature of the materials in flowing shapes and textures. I'm lucky enough to have a small (and I mean small!) workshop. It's my happy place where I can stoke my fire, brew coffee, listen to the radio, oh, and of course get busy making. People ask "why don't you just buy in sea glass?"  But where's the fun in that? I get such a thrill when I spot that glint of green or blue among the shingle. Turning over a piece of white pottery and seeing a wave washed pattern gets me doing a happy dance. And if you're into buying local and recycling, then look no further. I love going to craft fairs, meeting customers and sharing beach stories.  I sell my jewellery in a few local stores : Mearns Art House in Stonehaven, MH Framing in Montrose and Glenesk Folk Museum. I really enjoy making pieces to order and can make a ring to fit or design a pendant or earrings for that special gift.
Why not visit me at my workshop and pick out the perfect piece of glass or pottery for your jewellery?

I hope you enjoy wearing your sea glass as much as I enjoyed finding it.

Happy beach combing!

Earrings and pendant. Quirky, boho. Silver and copper.Highly individual.
Beautiful sea pottery ring with fragments of silver.
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