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Shiny, shiny!

Sea glass is by it's nature frosty, and that lovely patina is achieved by years of tumbling in the sea and surf. Personally I love the soft opaqueness, but if you prefer a more definite look then rubbing the glass with fine film of oil will really make the colours pop. Any oil will work, but I like using coconut oil. Just a tiny amount on a cotton wool pad will do the trick. Of course it will wear off, but it's easy to re-apply.

And talking of all things shiny, you'll have noticed that I often use copper in my designs as a striking contrast to the silver. Copper does tend to oxidise quite quickly and there's not much you can do about that. Some folk like the antiqued look, but if you're a fan of bright golden copper, it's easy to clean. Just treat it like a delicious piece of fresh fish! Sprinkle it with salt and squirt with a little lemon juice. A quick rub, rinse under the tap, and hey presto, it's back to it's former glory! Simples!

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