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Kindness of Strangers

These last few weeks I've been astonished by the kindness of strangers. After stumbling across Treasure by Cheryl online, three lovely ladies each contacted me asking if I wanted the pick of their sea glass stashes.

I met one lady at Aberdeen beach, and over a coffee and long chat, I selected some of the wonderful pieces she had collected over the years. Just last week I received a parcel of lovely nuggets of glass from Balmedie. The lady in question even refused my offer of paying the postage. Another lady has been in touch offering me a tin of sea glass she has found at her late mothers home. She says she doesn't want it to go to waste.

The beach has such a draw for so many people. Many a happy chat is had at the craft fairs I attend about sea glass and folk's favourite finds.

I'm very fortunate too that my sister Mandy, and some of my friends, are avid beach combers. In fact, many of my pieces are found by Mandy at Findochty and Gardenstown on the beautiful Moray coast.

So here's to the kindness of strangers and chums!

Happy sea glass hunting!

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