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Ferry nice indeed!

It's always exciting when I discover a new place to find my sea glass gems. I had been meaning to check out the old fishing village of Ferryden for some time. So when the recent heatwave hit, I slapped on the suntan lotion, grabbed my sunspecs and headed out. Just a couple of steps onto the beach I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful piece of pottery adorned with red, yellow and blue flowers. My excitement grew as I stumbled across more gems of blue and white, floral and stripes and then some sea glass too. Beautiful sea foam shades, zingy greens and even a couple of sought after blues were all pocketed. It was surreal searching beneath the washing lines while the giant oil service boats ploughed in and out of the harbour. In just half an hour I had gathered a really good haul. You did not disappoint Ferryden. I'll be back!

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