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Unique handmade jewellery. Unique, quirky recycled sea glass and pottery

Unique handcrafted jewellery with sea glass and pottery
combed from rugged Scottish beaches.

The beach. My source of sea glass and worn pottery fragments to make beautiful jewellery.

Who knows what treasure the tide will bring?


I love searching our beaches for tumbled sea glass treasure. The frosted jewels are an echo of our past. A fragment of blue - kill or cure? Cobalt glass was often medicine or poison bottles. Solace or cheer? Green or brown gems may have been wine or beer bottles. That pretty patterned glass likely held precious perfume. I particularly love finding sea pottery. Did it grace tables in stately halls or serve a crofter a humble supper?

I pair my finds with recycled silver, sterling silver and copper.

When you wear my jewellery you'll know it's unique.

©2023 by Treasure by Cheryl.

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